Build the internal tools you need on top of the tools you already love. 

Spend less time building custom tools, or working across many software silos that are disconnected and too generic for your unique business needs. Instead give your team the power to integrate all the tools they're already using.


Create your tools

Create the tool to power your business perfectly adapted to your process, with drag and drop forms, actions, pages and records.

Connect your Airtable, and join together all your other customer & operations data into Mantle via our native connectors to leading SaaS apps.

Connect all your data

You own and control your Mantle app. Optimize and iterate as your business evolves with no dependencies on IT or anyone else.

Control your processes

A custom app, powered by your data.

Mantle lets you combine all your data into a single platform. All the data stays where it is.

Schedule your posts with a single click

Store your images, video & audio in the cloud

Track engagement of every post and channel

Detailed analytics with suggested content

Segment your content by channel and audience

Connect with over 35 popular social networks

How Mantle Works

Mantle enables you to change the way you work. With Mantle you can quickly get from problem to solution. You connect all your data, and can then drag together the components of your perfect internal tool. No devs and no code required.

We'd love for you to try Mantle out and see what it can do for your business.

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Connect your Airtable

Mantle automatically generates an app in an instant from the structure of your data. Just connect your Airtable and every bit and byte, tab and table, field and formula will be right there, as you'd expect.

Add your SaaS tools

Add connections to your existing SaaS tools to bring their data into your Mantle app. We're launching with nine integrations from CRMs, to accounting systems. With many more to come. 

Mantle allows you to join across all your apps, and your Airtable, to add roll ups and lookups.


Build your 360 tool

Unify your data creating a single record of everything that matters to your business. And make it your own with flexible forms, buttons, lists and record pages.


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